Q. How is the balloon packaged?
A. The balloon is wrapped in color coordinated tissue paper, carefully packed in a white cardboard box lined with white tissue paper (extra protection), and sealed with a big red ribbon. The gift will be a complete surprise.


Q. How is the balloon shipped?

A. All balloons are delivered by USPS or UPS 1-2 business days depending on your location in New Jersey.  Hand delivery may be available at times as well.


Q. At what time will the balloon be delivered?

A. This depends on the delivery service.  Time of arrival is not guaranteed but you will be able to track the balloon while it is in transit. Sunday delivery is not available.  If hand delivery is available, a specific time may be arranged.


Q. What happens if nobody is home?

A. A note will be left giving instructions on where to collect the box. 


Q. Can the box be left on a porch or in a doorway?

A. No, sorry, a signature is required upon delivery.  Your Balloominator will NOT be left at any location without a signature.


Q. I need to change the address/message/other details. Can I do this after the order has been confirmed?

A. Yes, customization changes can be made within 3 hours after order confirmation.  Address changes can be made as long as the balloon has not been shipped.  Please send an email as soon as possible to :  michelle@balloominators.com 


Q. If I want to send a gift anonymously, is this possible?

A. Yes, no information other than your message on the handmade gift card (optional) is ever passed to recipients.